Asphalt Binder Analyzer by Ignition Method


The Asphalt binder analyzer consists essentially of a high precision apparatus combining a ignition oven to a continuous weighing system to monitor the loss of weight of the asphalt sample and to automatically determine, at the end of the test, the binder content and percentage. An independently controlled auxiliary afterburner chamber significantly reduces the furnace emissions.
The Analyzer is supplied complete with double sample basket/safety cover, extraction fork and 3 meters of metal exhaust pipe.

  • Full automatic test cycle with simultaneous display of all test parameters, including weight loss and %
  • High efficiency heating system with additional afterburner for complete combustion of exhaust fumes, conforming to CE prescriptions
  • PID closed loop temperature control
  • Built in weighing system
  • Test time reduced to 30-40 minutes
  • Test performance menu comprising the simultaneous display of all test data
  • Internal database, up to 100 tests. Each test can be displayed and printed or sent to PC by the RS 232 port
  • High quality stainless steel internal chamber


  EN 12697-39‰ASTM D6307‰AASHTO TP53‰AASHTO T308

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Oven and afterburner

  • Highly efficient heating system with afterburner  for total combustion of  fumes to minimize emissions within CE requirements
  • No need of filter or hoods = low maintenance costs
  • Sample size up to 4500 g for a more representative test result
  • Max. power rating: 10 kW
  • Holding power during the test: 3.5 kW
  • Supplied complete with double sample tray, fork to handle the pan, cooling cage and 3 m of exhaust ducting


  • Large permanent memory to store test results
  • On-board 40-column serial printer
  • Weighing system: 10.000 g cap., 0.1 g resolution, ±0.1 g repeatability
  • Closed-loop PID thermo-regulation for both oven and afterburner 
  • 240x128 pixel large graphic display
  • RS232 output for PC connection


  • Language selection
  • Clock/calendar system
  • Bi-directional real-time communication with the weighing system
  • Test setting menu, complete with physical and descriptive sample parameters
  • Calibration menu for temperature and weight
  • Optional manual control of test performance
  • Test performance menu with simultaneous display of all the test data
  • Internal database for up to 100 tests. Each test can be sent to PC, displayed, printed or deleted
  • Possibility to connect an external balance for automatic weight input (see accessories)

Safety features

  • Automatic door lock during the test, even if the power is interrupted
  • Door closure is automatically monitored before the test starts

Overall dimensions:
Width: 640 mm
Depth: 960 mm
Height (without external pipe): 960 mm
Height (with external pipe): 1060 mm

Inner dimensions:
Width: 400 mm
Depth: 460 mm
Height: 300 mm

Weight approx.:  155 kg (without accessories)

Order nummers


BITUMAX, asphalt binder analyser by the ignition method. 380V, 50Hz, 3ph.


BITUMAX, asphalt binder analyser by the ignition method. 220V, 60Hz, 3ph.

Accessoires & toebehoren


75-PV0008/10: Face shield 75-PV0008/12: Safety cover for sample basket cooling 75-PV0008/14: Additional sample basket set 75-PV0008/2: Auxiliary top pan digital balance 10000 g cap. X 0,1 g sensitivity, to be connected via RS232 to asphalt binder analyser 75-B0008. 230V/50-60Hz/1ph 75-PV0008/5: Metal stand: