Filterless Centrifuge Binder Extractors


Used for rapid filterless separation of filler (ash) from binder solution coming, for instance, from wire mesh extractor model 75-B0015. The centrifuge can also be used for binder recovery from an asphalt sample previously disgregated in solvent and poured into the funnel fit with 200 mm dia. test sieves to separate gradually the aggregates.  The test is carried out by pouring the solvent from the top funnel into the rotating aluminium cup. Due to the centrifugal effect, the liquid spreads on the wall and moves upwards, leaving mineral particles in the cup whilst the liquid is discharged outside through the outlet tubing. A special electronic circuit provides for a preset controlled ramp which gradually increases the speed to the maximum. Two models available: 75-B0024/N for filler extraction up to 100 g  per test, fit with 70 mm dia. cup and 75-B0024/B for filler extraction up to 400 g per test, fit with 122 mm dia. cup.  The 75-B0024/N, NY and NZ versions do not include sieves which have to be ordered separately, conforming to EN standard. See accessories. The cup should be internally lined with paper for a better and complete removal of filler. See accessories: 75-B0005/2.
The solvent used can be profitably recovered with the  solvent recovery unit.

  • High speed with continuous flow
  • Filterless method assures complete filler recovery
  • Automatic ramp and pre-set speed control
  • Up to 100 g or 400 g can be extracted per test


  EN 12697-1‰ASTM D2172

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Max. quantity of filler extracted per test50-100 g400 g
Cup dimensions, mmDia. 70x190Dia. 122x211
Max. speed, r.p.m.1100011000
Power, W5501000
Sieves includedSee accessories0.075, 0.25,
0.71, 2 mm
Overall dimensions (lxwxh) mm500x370x850560x640x1200
Weight approx. kg:55100


Order nummers

75-B0024/B: Continuous flow filterless centrifuge 122 mm dia. cup. 380V, 50Hz, 3ph. 75-B0024/N: Continuous flow filterless centrifuge 70mm dia. cup. Sieves not included. 230V/50Hz/1Ph.

Accessoires & toebehoren


15-D2300/J: 200 mm dia ISO (BS) sieve op.150 microns 15-D2335/J: 200 mm dia ISO (BS,UNI,NF,DIN) sieve op.63 microns 75-B0024/1: Aluminium beaker 15-D2185/J: 200 mm dia ISO (BS,UNI,NF,DIN) sieve op.2,00 mm 15-D2230/J: 200 mm dia ISO (BS,UNI,NF,DIN)sieve op.710 microns75-B0024/NY: Continuous flow filterless centrifuge 70mm dia. cup. Sieves not included. 220V/60Hz/1Ph. 75-B0024/NZ: Continuous flow filterless centrifuge 70mm dia. cup. Sieves not included. 110V/60Hz/1Ph. 15-D2275/J: 200 mm dia ISO (BS,UNI,NF,DIN)sieve op.250 microns 15-D2330/J: 200 mm dia ISO (BS,UNI) sieve op.75 microns 75-B0005/1: Spare cup for centrifuge 75-B0005/2: Line paper for centrifuge cup. Pack of 100 pieces.