Sieve cleaning device USC 200

If you sieve regularly, you also have to clean regularly: because clean test sieves are a central prerequisite for perfect sieving results. Deposits and stuck particles reduce the permeability of the metal wire mesh sieve - and this reduces the reproducibility and accuracy of your results.


Simple cleaning often does not remove all stuck particles from the test sieve. To thoroughly and gently remove even the finest particles from the test sieve, you should therefore work with an ultrasonic cleaning device. This cleans more thoroughly and saves time at the same time.


With the HAVER USC 200 MULTI you can clean up to five test sieves simultaneously. The sieves can have a size of up to 200 mm. The easy handling and gentle cleaning of your measuring equipment speak for cleaning with the help of an ultrasonic cleaning device.


Spécifications techniques

   HAVER USC 200
Multiple number of sieves  5
Sieve diameter  ≤ 230 mm
Oscillating tank, inner  500 x 300 x 300 mm
Filling capacity  40 l
Drain  yes, ball valve
Outer dimensions  560 x 360 x 500 mm
Weight  approx. 27 kg
Mains connection  220-240 V
Ultrasonic frequency  35 kHz
Total power consumption  n.a.
Ultrasonic peak power  2 x 1000 W
Sound pressure level  n.a.
Permissible ambient temperature  +5 °C to +40°C

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