Shear box accessories

The required accessories, not supplied with the shear box, should be ordered separately.

The sample cutter and the extrusion dolly, necessary during the specimen preparation operations, are designed to be easily fitted within the shear box.
They are available for both square and round shear box.

Single parts of the shear box assembly can be ordered as spare parts.


Spécifications techniques

Numéros de commande

  • 27-WF0215/B - 60 mm square
  • 27-WF0216/B - 100 mm square
  • 27-WF0217/B - 50 mm dia.
  • 27-WF0218/B - 60 mm dia.
  • 27-WF0219/B - 63.5 mm dia.
  • 27-WF0222/B - 100 mm dia.