Air/Water Pressure System and Control Panels


Bladder air/water pressure cylinders
The Bladder air/water cylinders are used to deliver pressurized water up to 1000 kPa to triaxial cells by the pressure distribution panels. The main advantages from using this apparatus are:

  • High degree of accuracy
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Future expansion of system very easy and relatively low cost
  • Bladder enables the use of de-aired water
  • Large reservoir to cope with long term tests and large samples

The cell, made from transparent acrylic tube, flanged between two light alloy discs, incorporate a rubber membrane and can operate continuously at a pressures up to 1000 kPa. The unit acts as a reservoir/interface between compressed air, used as a pressure source and water used as the pressurizing medium in the triaxial cell. The Bladder air/water cylinders have to be completed with the 28-WF4330 or 28-WF4331 two or three lines distribution panel depending on the application.

  • Dimensions: 178 mm dia. x 410 mm high
  • Weight approx.: 5.8 kg

Pressure distribution panels
Two models available: 28-WF4330 for two pressure lines and 28-WF4331 for three pressure lines. They include precision air regulators, pressure outlets and quick release fittings.
They have to be completed with a digital gauge (see accessories, model 28-WF4330/2).

  • Dimensions/weight approx.:
    510x454x184 mm (28-WF4330)/10 kg
    690x454x184 mm (28-WF4331)/15 kg


Technische specificaties

Order nummers

28-WF4320: Bladder air/water interface with 1000kPa banded chamber. 28-WF4330: Triaxial panel two way, air regulators, pressure gauge outlets for two pressures

Accessoires & toebehoren


28-WF0490: Nylon tubing 4 x 6 mm dia 20 m coil 28-WF4320/1: Spare membrane for 28-WF4320 bladder 28-WF4330/2: Digital pressure gauge, range 0-2000kPa x 1kPa division 28-WF4330/3: Pressure regulator 180 psi 1250 kPa with fittings for 8mm outside diameter tube 86-D2015: Laboratory air compressor. 8 BAR max constant pressure. 230V/50Hz/1Ph28-WF4331: Triaxial panel 3 way, air regulators, pressure gauge outlets for 3 pressures