Apparent Particle Density of Lightweight Aggregates

Apparent Particle Density of Lightweight Aggregates


This apparatus is used for quick determination of the apparent particle density of lightweight aggregates using a graduated measuring cylinder and a steel plunger with perforated plate as described in EN1097-6 (Annex E). The Standard specifies an alternative fast method only suitable for measuring times shorter than 5 min. 

The testing kit is composed by:


  • Graduated glass cylinder, 1000 ml capacity code 86-D1006. Weight approx.: 0,6 kg
  • Steel plunger with perforated plate code 22-T0060/B. Weight: 0.4 kg (approx.)



  EN 1097-6

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

22-T0060/8: Hand stirrer for 1000 ml cylinders 86-D1006: Graduated glass cylinder 1000 ml

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