Asphalt Digital Thermometer

Asphalt Digital Thermometer


This digital thermometer can be used for various field and laboratory applications in road and concrete testing. Dual range, high resolution, housed in a rugged ABS case. Memory functions: simply press a button and the meter will recall the highest and lowest temperatures measured in the test cycle. Read both °C and °F. It is supplied without probes that has to be ordered separately conforming to the applications. For asphalt temperature measurements we recommend the following probes:

  • 82-D1229/1  Penetration probe 120 mm long
  • 82-D1229/2  Surface probe
  • 82-D1229/5  Penetration probe 220 mm long
  • 82-D1229/6  T bar probe 500 mm long to BS 594


  EN 12697-13

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Ranges:
    a) from -50 to 199.9°C (-58 to 399.9 ° F), resolution 0.1°C
    b) from – 200 to 1350°C (-400 to 2642° F) resolution 1°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.2% full scale
  • Battery life/type: 3x1.5 V/ approx. 1600 hours of continuous use
  • Dimensions: 150x80x36 mm
  • Weight approx.: 235 g

Order nummers

82-D1229: Microprocessor digital thermometer ranges -50+199.9°C resolution 0.1°C and 200 to 1350°C resolution 1°C. Probes not included. :

Accessoires & toebehoren


82-D1229/1: Penetration probe 120 mm long for 86-D1229 82-D1229/10: "K" type thermocouple 5m long for 86-D1229 complete with connector 82-D1229/2: Surface probe connection to 86-D1229 82-D1229/3: Air probe for 86-D1229 82-D1229/5: Penetration probe 250 mm long for 86-D1229: 82-D1229/6: T bar probe 500 mm long BS 594 for 86-D1229 82-D1229/7: Sward probe 500 mm long for 86-D1229