Automatic Bitumen Extractor

Used for separation and extraction of bitumen by use of perchloroethylene  or trichloroethylene solvents and sieving, for the separation of filler by centrifuge action and for the recovery of solvent material. The complete cycle is carried out automatically.
We propose two versions identical except for the sieves which are included in the model 75-B0005 and not included in the model 75-B0005/A that, for this reason, can be completed by the user conforming to the preferred openings.
The unit can be housed inside the cabinet with aspirator 75-B0005/50 as shown in the pictures. See accessories.

The basic machine comprises:


  • A sieving unit with solvent spraying nozzle to separate and wash out the asphalt sample capacity 7 sieves 200 mm dia.
  • A filterless centrifuge to separate the filler from the solvent and bitumen solution.
  • A solvent recovery unit to recover the solvent.

The apparatus is supplied complete with separate electric control panel and three spare cups for the extraction centrifuge.

75-B0005 model is also supplied with the following parts:



  • 200 mm dia. stainless sieve 75 mm op., 250 mm op., 710 mm op., 2 mm op.
  • 200 mm dia. sieve frame only
  • 200 mm dia. sieve pan
  • O-ring gaskets for above
  • Pack of 100 lining paper sheet

Other testing sieves of different openings can be used 


  • Fully automatic testing cycle:
    1. Sieving
    2. Centrifuge extraction
    3. Solvent recovery
  • Conforms to latest anti-pollution requirements
  • Ideal for mastic asphalt
  • Big reduction of toxic fumes in the laboratory
  • High extraction capacity: up to 400 g of filler per test
  • Sensible reduction of extraction time
  • Avoids solvent handling by the operator
  • Low quantity of solvent material used and sensible reduction of extraction cost
  • Use of perchloroethylene as solvent


  EN 12697-1‰ASTM D2172

Technische specificaties

  • Max. quantity of asphalt per extraction: 3.5 kg
  • Max. quantity of filler: 300-400 g
  • Time required for a complete extraction: from 25 to 45 min
  • Max. solvent recovery capacity: from 40 to 50 l/h
  • Rotating speed: 12000 r.p.m.
  • Current specifications: 220-380 V, 50-60 Hz, 3 ph., 3.5 kW
  • Overall dimensions of the testing unit: 1200x650x1200 mm approx.
  • Weight approx.: 170 kg

Order nummers

75-PV1650/Z: Rotary evaporation apparatus. 110V, 60Hz, 1Ph. 75-B0005:

Automatic binder extraction unit. 380V, 50Hz, 3ph.- Conforming to EN 12697-1 and ASTM D2172

Accessoires & toebehoren


  • 75-PV1650: Rotary evaporation apparatus. 230V/50-60Hz/1Ph.
  • 15-D2001/J: Frame only 200 mm dia
  • 75-B0005/1: Spare cup for centrifuge
  • 75-B0005/2: Line paper for centrifuge cup. Pack of 100 pieces.
  • 75-B0005/50: Cabinet with aspirator for automatic binder extraction unit
  • 75-B0005/A: Automatic binder extraction unit. 380V/50Hz/3ph. - Conforming to EN 12697-1 and ASTM D2172 - Sieves not included
  • 75-B0005/8: O-ring gasket for 200 mm dia sieve. Set of 10