Balanced Loader, 50kN Automatic Electromechanical Universal Tester


BALANCED LOADER is a new addition in the range of Controls / IPC Global universal automatic testers. The machine is designed to automatically perform most of the tests included into Balanced Mix Design procedures, including IDEAL-CT, IDEAL-RT, Indirect Tensile Strength, Semi-Circular Bend test and many more.

This model features a wide two-column frame which is fitted with an upper crossbeam that can be set at various heights depending on the accessories to be used. The 50kN capacity jack is driven by a brushless motor, housed in an ergonomic cabinet. Closed-loop control ensures reliable test execution both with displacement and load applications. No external transducer is required for displacement measurement. Sample failure is detected automatically and stops the test. Alternatively this feature can be disabled and a travel or time limit can be set instead.
This model is equipped with adjustable limit switches, mounted on one column. The interface is granted by a 7'' capacitive color touchscreen display allowing the setting of speed/load and travel/load limits, data format download and graph settings, and saving of multiple pre-set test procedures. Real-time test graph and transducer data are displayed on the touchscreen.
Test data can be stored on 16GB internal memory, transferred to a USB pen drive or downloaded through LAN or RS232 communication port. All accessories have to be ordered separately.

BALANCED LOADER can perform following tests:

Marshall ASTM D6925 / AASHTO T245
EN 12697-34
Splitting Tensile/TSRASTM D6931 / AASHTO T283
EN 12697-23
Indirect Tensile - Italian method 3/4 displ.CNR 134
Semi-Circular Bend SCBIFIT - AASHTO T393/TP124
Luisiana - ASTM D8044
EN 12697-44
Direct ShearISS - AASHTO TP114
Leutner - EN 12697-48
EN 13286-47
Unconfined compressionEN ISO 17892-7 


  • Stand-alone automatic 50kN digital load frame
  • Universal machine suitable for a wide range of tests, including BMD tests
  • Closed-loop speed/load control
  • Automatic failure detection
  • Integrated transducer calibration facility
  • Infinitely variable speed from 0.01 to 65 mm/min and load rate from 1 to 9999 N/s
  • 7'' touchscreen capacitive color display for viewing real-time graph and test data
  • Fully automatic test control facility
  • Adjustable travel limit devices
  • Remote control from PC by using optional software
  • CE emergency stop button


  AASHTO T245‰EN 12697-23‰AASHTO T193‰ASTM D1883‰EN 13286-47‰ASTM D6925‰EN 12697-44‰ASTM D8044‰AASHTO TP124‰AASHTO T283‰ASTM D6931‰ASTM D8225‰EN 12697-48‰AASHTO T393‰ASTM WK71466

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Data download: Ethernet port, RS232 port or USB pendrive
Memory: 16GB internal memory
Number of channels: 7 (1 for actuator displacement, 2 for load and 4 for displacement)                                     
Channel resolution: 24 bit
Sampling frequency: up to 100Hz
Test speed: from 0.01 to 65 mm/min
Load rate: from 1 to 9999 N/s
Type of control: displacement or load
Max ram travel: 100 mm
Max vertical span: 800 mm
Max horizontal span: 380 mm
Overall dimensions: 550 x 670 x 1300 mm (W x D x H)
Weight approx: 110 kg

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BALANCED LOADER, 50kN automatic compression testing machine with digital control and readout unit, motorized ram, two-column structure and adjustable crossbeam. 230V/50-60Hz/1Ph                     


BALANCED LOADER, 50kN automatic compression testing machine with digital control and readout unit, motorized ram, two-column structure and adjustable crossbeam. 110V/60Hz/1Ph   

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