Balloon Density Apparatus, NF


For the determination of the in-situ density of well bonded soil according to NF specifications. A metal cylinder is filled with water which is then pumped into a rubber membrane, mounted on the base of the cylinder, which take up the hole previously made in the soil pavement. The water pressure is controlled by a pressure gauge and the volume of the balloon is measured on the graduated piston stem. Two versions available: 3000 and 6000 ml capacity. The apparatus are supplied complete with base plate, 3 locking clamps and 6 reinforced membranes.

  • Weight approx.: 35-T0134, 9.5 kg approx.; 35-T0134/A, 11.5 kg approx.


NF P94-061-2

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

35-T0134: 3000 ml balloon density apparatus 35-T0134/A: 6000 ml balloon density apparatus, complete with reinforced membranes (6 pcs.)

Accessoires & toebehoren


35-T0134/A2: Reinforced membranes 6000 ml cap. (pack of 6) 35-T0134/2: Reinforced membranes. (pack of 6)