Beam Moulds


The proposed models range from the traditional steel models conforming to ASTM standards, to the slitting plastic models, very practical for field use and ideal for production control.
Plastic beam moulds
A one piece mould manufactured from a robust plastic which is resistant to shock and abrasion. Ideal for field use, the specimen is ejected from the mould by com­pressed air requiring only a simple clean and oiling before being ready for use again.
Two sizes available: 100x100x500 mm (model 55-C0100/PB11) and 150x150x600 mm (model 55-C0100/PB15).
Steel beam moulds
Three sizes available: 100x100x400 (model 55-C0100/MB10), 100x100x500 (model 55-C0100/MB11) and 150x150x600 (model 55-C0100/MB15).


Technische specificaties

Order nummers

55-C0100/MB11: Concrete beam mould 100x100x500mm 55-C0100/MB16: Concrete beam mould 150x150x750 mm

Accessoires & toebehoren


55-C0140: Tamping rod dia 16 mm x 600 mm 55-C0139/A: Demoulding system 10 kg can 55-C0140/1: Tamping bar 380 mm long x 25 mm square 55-C0140/3: Tamping rod 10 mm dia x 250 mm 55-C0119/5: Specimen mould spanner55-C0100/PB10: Plastic beam mould, 100x100x400 mm. Weight 2 kg 55-C0100/MB10: Concrete beam mould 100x100x400 mm 55-C0100/MB15: Concrete beam mould 150 x 150 x 600 mm 55-C0100/PB11: Plastic beam mould 100x100x500mm complete with stopper 55-C0140/2: Straight edge 55-C0100/PB15: Plastic beam mould 150x150x600 mm