Bearing Plate Test Apparatus, NF and Benkelman Beam


To determine the bearing capacity and deflection of subgrade and subbase of roads. The apparatus comprises:

  • 35-T1100/PF  Aluminium bearing plate 600 mm dia., with reinforcing ribs. Weight approx.: 30 kg
  • 35-T11F2/2  Hydraulic jack, 200 kN cap. Weight approx.: 10 kg
  • 35-T11F2/3  Set of three interchangeable extensions with spherical seated foot. Weight approx.: 12 kg
  • 35-T11F2/4  Hand pump with precision dial gauge 200 mm dia. Calibrated in bar (o to 3.5) and in daN
    (0 to 10000). Complete with connecting hose. Weight approx.: 11 kg
  • 35-T1100/H5C Wooden wheeled carrying case 
  • 35-T1100/BF Benkelman beam apparatus. Weight approx.: 15 kg

Total weight approx.: 100 kg
Note: all the above parts can be purchased individually


NF P94-117-1

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35-T11F2: Plate bearing test apparatus 200 kN cap., French method. Includes: hydraulic kit with manometer andtrolley, three dial indicators, bearing plate 600 mm dia. and Benkelman beam :

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35-T1100/FC: Wooden carrying case per Benkelmann beam