Benkelman Beam Apparatus


The apparatus is used to measure the deflection of flexible pavements under the axion of moving wheel loads.
In operation the beam is placed between the tyres of the test vehicle and in contact with the pavement. The deflection is measured as the vehicle passes over the test area.
The probe is 2440 mm long and the back extension is 1220 mm.
Manufactured in aluminium and chrome finished metals.

  • Weight approx.: 15 kg



Technische specificaties

Order nummers

35-T1100/BF: Benkelman beam apparatus - Conforming to AASHTO T256, NF P98-200-2 and CNRNo. 141. Manufactured from aluminium and chrome finished metals. 2440 mm max lenght, 1220 mm back extension. Complete with adjustable feet and bubble level :

Accessoires & toebehoren


35-T1100/FC: Wooden carrying case per Benkelmann beam 80-B0180/1: Spare gauge with bracket 80-B0180/2: Adjustable feet for Benkelman beam complete with two spirit level. 80-B0180/3: Calibration device for Benkelman beam