Bottles and Funnels


Storage bottles, polythene
- Plastic wash bottles
- Plastic containers with airtight lid and handles
- Plastic funnels, standard and Wide mouth


Technische specificaties

Order nummers

86-D1520: Plastic storage bottle 250 ml 86-D1521: Plastic storage bottle 500 ml

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 86-D1522: Plastic storage bottle 1000 ml 86-D1523: Plastic storage bottle 2000 ml 86-D1525: Storage plastic bottle 5 l cap. 86-D1526: Storage plastic bottle 10 l cap. 86-D1527: Plastic containers 5 l cap. 86-D1528: Plastic containers 15 l cap 86-D1535: Plastic wash bottle 100 ml 86-D1536: Plastic wash bottle 250 ml 86-D1537: Plastic wash bottle 500 ml 86-D1538: Plastic wash bottle 1000 ml 86-D1539: Plastic funnel 65 mm dia 86-D1540: Plastic funnel 100 mm dia 86-D1541: Plastic funnel 140 mm dia 86-D1542: Plastic funnel 210 mm dia 86-D1545: Plastic funnel wide mouth dia 80 mm 86-D1546: Plastic funnel wide mouth dia 120 mm