Breaking Point Apparatus

Breaking Point Apparatus


Used for determining the breaking point of solid and semi-solid bitumens. The Fraas Breaking Point is the temperature at which bitumen first becomes brittle, as indicated by the appearance of cracks when a thin-film of the bitumen on a metal plaque is cooled and flexed in accordance with specified conditions.
The apparatus consists of a bending device, a plaque made of springly stainless steel 41x20x0.15 mm, a cooling device, a thermometer IP 42 C, a plate and stand.

  • Weight approx.: 3 kg


  EN 12593

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Order nummers

81-B0158: Breaking point test set (Fraas method) :

Accessoires & toebehoren


70-C9902/2: DRY ICE MAKER 81-B0158/1: Stainless steel plaque. (Pack of 10) 82-B0158/3MF: Thermometer IP 42C range -38 to +30°C, mercury free with alternative liquid