CBR Equipment, EN Version


This method is used for the laboratory evaluation of subgrade and subbase coarse materials in road construction. To perform this type of test, we propose moulds with various accessories listed in the table below and manual compaction rammers. Different models are available conforming to the various relevant specifications. In this section moulds, suitable accessories and rammers conforming to EN are shown.
An alternative (and preferable) method of compacting is to use an automatic compactor. For more information, see link to other products below.
The CBR penetration test can be performed with a number of loading presses, some of them specifically designed for CBR tests, and others with multiple applications (Universal models), at different levels of sophistication. See link to other products below.


  EN 13286-47

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

33-T0071/EN: Proctor/CBR cylindrical test mould, 150 mm dia., conforming to EN 13286-2 and EN 13286-47 33-T0071/ENS: Proctor cylindrical test split mould, 150 mm dia, conforming to EN 13286-2

Accessoires & toebehoren


33-T0076/E: EN Proctor rammer (medium energy) 33-T0077/E: EN Proctor rammer, high Energy, 15 kg 34-T0090/3: Filter screen 34-T0094/B: BS annular surcharge weight 2 kg 34-T0095/B: BS split surcharge weight 2 kg: 33-T0071/EB1: Perforated steel base plate for 33-T0071/EN 34-T0091/E: Spacer disc with T handle, 149.5 mm dia. x 36 mm height