Chemicals and Reagents

Chemicals and Reagents


A comprehensive range of laboratory chemicals and reagents is available. Hazardous materials often require special handling and documentation.
CONTROLS cannot accept any responsibility for delays in delivery due to special delivery requirements.


Technische specificaties

Order nummers

86-D0800: Calcium chloride analar 1000 g 86-D0801: Sodium hydroxide analar 1000 g

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 86-D0805/G: Paraffin wax 10 kg 86-D0806: Glycerine, 1000 ml 86-D0808: Hidrochloric acid, Bottle 1000 ml 86-D0809: Nitric acid, bottle 1000 ml. 86-D0810: Sulphuric acid, 1000 ml 86-D0811: Distilled water, 25 l 86-D0814: Silver nitrate 1000 ml 86-D0815: Barium chloride, 1000 g 86-D0820: Silicone grease, tube, 100 g 86-D0823: Potassium bichromate, 1000 g 86-D0825: Sodium sulphate, 1000 g 86-D0845: Water-repellent grease, 1 kg box