Creep test


This test is performed for measuring the shrinkage of cylindrical specimens under constant loads at different time intervals. The apparatus consists of a load frame designed to apply and maintain the required load on the specimen. The initial compression is applied by a portable hydraulic jack. The load maintaining element is a series of springs preloaded by the hydraulic jack.

The apparatus is supplied complete with hand pump, two 200 mm diameter precision gauges (one permanently connected, the other for loading) and a hydraulic jack.
The typical application of this apparatus is for research purposes.
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  ASTM C512

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300kN capacity load frame for creep test. 


Accessoires & toebehoren


82-P0396: Strain gauge 120mm gauge length. (pack of 10) 82-P0393: Strain gauge 60 mm gauge length. (pack of 10) 82-P0398: Compensation device for up to 4 Wheatstone bridgeswith 1/4 or 1/2 bridge setup 82-P0399/C: Strain gauge application kit including: conditioner, neutralizer, acetone, tweezer, adhesive with catalyst agent, 100 m of bipolar cable, solder, soldering iron, scalpels, scissors,duct tape, sellotape, sandpaper and carrying case. 82-P0399/1: Connecting terminals. 50 pairs sheet: 82-P9008/ELT: Set of four cables for connecting load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT / LVDT / potentiometric type displacement transducers to DATALOG 8 (82-P9008) and GEODATALOG 8 ( 30-WF6008) 82-P9008/SOF:

DATACOMM 2 data acquisition software and LAN cablefor PC connection of DATALOG 8 (82-P9008, P9008/F) - Up to 8 datalogger (total 64 channels) can be connected to a single PC creating a modular network (LAN hub is required) 


DATALOG 8, 8 channels stand alone multipurpose data logger. 110-230V / 50-60Hz / 1 Ph.

55-C0235/LC: Upgrade of the 55-C0235/A creep tester with a 300kN load cell for digital acquisition of the axial load. Datalogger system not included.