Crushing Value Apparatus (ACV)

Crushing Value Apparatus (ACV)


The aggregate crushing value (ACV) provides relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to crushing under a gradually applied compressive load. Two versions available: 150 (standard) and 75 mm dia. The apparatus comprehend cylinder, plunger, base plate, tamping rod and measure. Cylinder, plunger and base plate are made from special alloy steel, hardened to 650 HV (57,8 HRC), and protected against corrosion.

  • Weight approx.: 
    16.5 kg (48-D0510)
    3.5 kg  (48-D0511)

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Strictly conforming to BS standard: Cylinder, Plunger and base hardened to 650 HV (57,8 HRC)


  BS 812:110

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

48-D0510: Aggregate crushing value apparatus, 150 mm dia. 48-D0511: Aggregate crushing value apparatus, 75 mm dia.

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