Cylinder Capping Equipment


When testing concrete cylinder specimens it is essential that the two ends are perfectly flat. This range of equipment allows the ends of the various sizes of concrete cylinders or cores to be capped using the sulphur capping compound.

Cylinder cappers
Used to assure plane end surfaces perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder during the capping. Base and capping plate machined from steel. Guide is machined from cast aluminium or steel.

Cylinder carriers
A simple accessory for an easy handling of specimens. Only available for dia. 150 mm (6”x12”9 and 160x320 mm sizes.

Capping compound
The compound is a mixture of sulphur and mineral filler to give a high finish and performance.

Melting pot
Used to melt the capping compound. The temperature is set and maintained at the desired value. Adjustable electronic thermoregulator and pilot lamp fully isolated conforming to CE requirement.


  • Capacity: 5l approx.
  • Temperature range: from +30 to 150°C
  • Power: 700 W
  • Dimensions:
    internal 200 mm dia.160 mm depth
    external  285 mm dia.x 275 mm high
  • Weight approx.: 2.7 kg

Capping plate for concrete blocks
Used for capping concrete blocks with cement paste. 500x300 mm, 20 mm thick, made from steel, accurately machined. Protected against corrosion.



  EN 12390-3‰ASTM C31‰ASTM C192‰AASHTO T23‰AASHTO T126‰ASTM C617

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

55-C0121/U: Universal cylinder capping frame for 75, 100 and 150mm dia. cylinders. Comprising a vertical support mounted on a steel base and capping plates for the above specimens. Compatible capping plate having 160mm diameter available on request. 55-D1403: General purpose melting pot. 700W; 230V, 50-60Hz, 1 ph.

Accessoires & toebehoren



Capping plate for 160 mm dia. cylinders compatible with universal cylinder capping frame model 55-C0121/U

: 55-D1403/Z: General purpose melting pot. 700W; 110V/60Hz/1ph 55-C0121/5: Ladle 55-C0121/21: Vertical cylinder capper for 150 x 300 mm and 6 x 12" specimens 55-C0121/22: Vertical cylinder capper for 160 x 320 mm specimens 55-C0121/22A: Vertical cylinder capper for 160x320 mm specimens complete with ball traks for a positive location of the specimen 55-C0121/23: Vertical cylinder capper for 100 x 200 mm specimens 55-C0121/3: Cylinder carrier 55-C0121/37: Flake capping compound 50 Lb bag. 55-C0121/6: Cylinder carrier for 160 x 320 mm 55-C0125:

Steel capping plate 500x300 mm, 20 mm thick. Weight approx. 30 kg