Data Acquisition Unit DATALOG 8 - Battery Operated Version Designed for In-Field Applications


DATALOG 8 is a stand alone data logger for general purpose acquisition, processing and data storage for laboratory and site applications.
Differently from the laboratory version, this model is housed inside a rigid carrying case with a long-life rechargeable battery. It is particularly suitable for field applications where mains power supply  is not available.
DATALOG 8 features a wide 6” touch screen colour graphic display and a separate display for battery status. The unit records and monitors in real time the measurements requested by different tests,  for example:

  • Plate bearing test apparatus (electronic versions)
  • Rock shear box apparatus (digital version model)
  • In-situ determination of stress, deformability and resistance of masonry walls with flat jacks
  • ... and many other tests
  • In-built battery operated with rigid carrying case suitable for use on field
  • 6” touch screen colour graphic display
  • Separate display for battery status
  • 8 independent input channels
  • Display of readings and graphs in real time
  • Unlimited storage capacity with USB pen drive
  • Contemporaneous data sampling of all channels in accordance to the programmable logging mode


Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Number of channels: 8
  • Compatible with load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT/LVDT/potentiometric displacement transducers
  • Communication port: LAN / Ethernet
  • Real resolution:131,000 points
  • Data storage on removable USB pen drive
  • Sampling rate: up to 10 readings per second per channel via USB (up to 500 readings per second per channel via LAN when connected to a PC)
  • Excitation (VEXC): from 1 V to 10 V for each couple of channels (up to 4)
  • Input signal : 0-10 V; 0-20 mA
  • Battery operated: internal rechargeable sealed battery 12V, 7.2 Ah and built-in battery charger 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph. Power cable is included                       
  • Battery life: 8 hours in continuous use
  • Dimensions approx lxdxh [mm]: 265x171x223 
  • Weight approx. [kg]: 6 

Order nummers


DATALOG 8, 8 channels multipurpose data logger, battery operated and with rigid carrying case suitable for use on field. 110-230V / 50-60Hz / 1 Ph.


Accessoires & toebehoren


82-P0398: Compensation device for up to 4 Wheatstone bridgeswith 1/4 or 1/2 bridge setup 82-P9008/ELT: Set of four cables for connecting load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT / LVDT / potentiometric type displacement transducers to DATALOG 8 (82-P9008) and GEODATALOG 8 ( 30-WF6008) 82-P9008/SOF:

DATACOMM 2 data acquisition software and LAN cablefor PC connection of DATALOG 8 (82-P9008, P9008/F) - Up to 8 datalogger (total 64 channels) can be connected to a single PC creating a modular network (LAN hub is required) 


High specification desktop PC with LCD monitor.Operating system MS Windows preinstalled and 8 port LAN HUB converter.