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The 82-SW/DM is new intuive and smart DATAMANAGER software, very easy to use, complete with many functions, totally flexible and open to network communicatios. It's compatible with PILOT PRO and AUTOMAX PRO PCS and included in more sophisticated systems as AUTOMAX Multitest console.
It allows real time acquisition and management of all test data and remote control of the machine.

This software provides the data acquisition in real time throughout the test execution up to the specimen failure. All readings are displayed both as graphical and numerical format and stress vs. time plot is traced out in real time. The advanced functions for data base management provide an easy navigation of all saved data.
The produced test certificate is customizable and includes all descriptive information, test results and stress vs. time diagram. The conformity to standards of test execution is therefore proved.



  ASTM C39‰ASTM C109‰EN 12390-5‰ASTM C293‰ASTM C78‰EN 12390-6‰EN 1338‰ASTM C496‰EN 1339‰EN 1340‰EN 196-1‰EN 12390-3‰ASTM C348

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DATAMANAGER PC software compatible with DIGIMAX, PILOT, AUTOMAX, PILOT PRO, AUTOMAX PRO and PRO-M. Suitable for remote control of the system (except DIGIMAX), data acquisition, processing and filing. LAN cable included.


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