Dial Thermometers


- Pocket size dial thermometer
- Dial Thermometer
- Thermometer Surface



Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

ModelsRange °CDial dia.Stem dimensions
82-D12100 to 6050 mmDia. 3x200 mm
82-D12110 to 10050 mmDia. 3x200 mm
82-D12120 to 20050 mmDia. 3x200 mm
82-D12130 to 26050 mmDia. 3x200 mm
Pocket size   
82-D1206+50 to +26045 mmDia. 4x150 mm
82-D1207-30 to +6045 mmDia. 4x150 mm
Long stem   
82-D1208/5+50 to +250100 mmDia. 12x750 mm
Surface model   
82-D12140 to +20050 mm-


Order nummers

82-D1206: Pocket dial thermometer +50 +260°C 82-D1207: Pocket dial thermometer -30 +60°C dial 25 mm dia

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 82-D1208/5: Portable dial thermometer +50 to 250°C, 750 mm stem 82-D1210: Dial thermometer 0-60 deg. C stem 3 mm dia 82-D1211: Metal thermometer 0-100°C stem 3 mm dia 82-D1212: Dial thermometer 0-200°C stem 3 mm dia 82-D1213: Dial thermometer 0-260°C stem 3 mm dia 82-D1214: Surface dial thermometer 0-200°C