Digital Thermometers


The proposed standard models (82-D1226 to 82-D1228), which cover practically all applications in the construction industry as specified in the table.
The Multipurpose 82-D1229 Microprocessor controlled model is for professional use and, fit with the suitable probe (see accessories), can be used for monitoring temperature of asphalt, concrete mortar etc. Dual range, high resolution, housed in a rugged ABS case. 


Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Standard pocket models, 82-D1226 to 82-D1228



Range °C
Probe mm Dim. mmWeight
Dia. 3x10566x50x2550Liquid, air, semisolid, frozen material, granulars

Dia. 3x160,
1 m

106x58x1980Liquid, air, semisolids, frozen materials, granular. Ideal for concrete
Dia. 5x125175x41x2365Ideal for industrial applications. Liquid, air, semisolids.
D1228-40+5501±2Dia.3x 130 for penetr.175x41x2392Liquid, air, semisolids. Ideal for bitumen

Multipurpose Digital thermometer 82-D1229



  • Dual range: from -50 to 199.9°C and from 200 to 1350°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C up to 199.9°C, 1°C over
  • Accuracy ±0.2% full scale
  • Waterproof
  • Type of probe: Thermocouple K, not included
  • Battery type/life: 3x1.5 V AA/approx. 1600 hours
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Dimensions: 150x80x36 mm
  • Weight: 235 g

Order nummers

82-D1229: Microprocessor digital thermometer ranges -50+199.9°C resolution 0.1°C and 200 to 1350°C resolution 1°C. Probes not included. 82-D1226: Pocket digital thermometer with probe -50+150°C range x 0,1°C.

Accessoires & toebehoren


82-D1229/1: Penetration probe 120 mm long for 86-D1229 82-D1229/10: "K" type thermocouple 5m long for 86-D1229 complete with connector 82-D1229/2: Surface probe connection to 86-D1229 82-D1229/3: Air probe for 86-D1229 82-D1229/5: Penetration probe 250 mm long for 86-D122982-D1226/A: Digital thermometer with 1 m cord and probe. -50+150°C range x 0,1°C 82-D1227: Waterproof digital thermometr with probe -50+170°C range x 1°C 82-D1228: Pocket digital thermometer -40+550°C range x 1°C with penetration probe. 82-D1229/6: T bar probe 500 mm long BS 594 for 86-D1229 82-D1229/7: Sward probe 500 mm long for 86-D1229