Duriez Compression Test Sets

Duriez Compression Test Sets


The test is performed to determine and study the physical and mechanical properties of bituminous mixtures. Two mould sizes: 80 and 120 mm dia. All parts are made from steel protected against corrosion.
The specimens have to be temperature conditioned with a suitable climatic chamber (see \#climatic-chambers\#, model 10-D1429/A)and the compression test has to be performed with a testing compression machine of minimum 180 kN capacity for compaction and compression, as, for example the  electromechanical universal tester model 70-T2502.


NF P98-251-1/4

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

76-B0090/A1: Duriez testing mould 80 mm dia 76-B0090/A2: Cylindrical container for 80 mm mould

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 76-B0090/A3: Demoulding piston dia 80 mm 76-B0090/A4: Piston for 80 mm mould - set of 2 76-B0090/A5: Half-ring spacer - set of 2 76-B0090/A6: Grooved piston 80 mm dia 76-B0091/A1: Duriez testing mould 120 mm dia 76-B0091/A2: Cylindrical container 120 mm dia 76-B0091/A3: Piston for demoulding 120 mm dia samples 76-B0091/A4: Piston 120 mm dia - set of 2 76-B0091/A5: Half-ring spacer - set of 2 76-B0091/A6: Grooved piston 120 mm dia