Dynamic Modulus Test for UTM, AsphaltQube, AMPT Pro and AMPTQube


To perform Dynamic Modulus tests.

  • Dynamic Modulus E, Flow Time and Flow Number Tests: Input parameter for AASHTO "Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide" and property to create master curves for structural design.
  • Values measures over a range of temperatures and frequencies that can be imported into a master curve for characterizing asphalt concrete for pavement design and performance analysis.
  • The value of dynamic modulus and phase angle can also be used as performance criteria for asphalt mixture design.
  • Small Diameter (38 and 50 mm) Dynamic Modulus E: allows researchers to perform Dynamic Modulus E tests on 38 and 50 mm diameter specimen, usable also for forensics analysis.
  • Gauge Point fixing jig makes it quick and eary to accurately fix gauge points for on-specimen transducers. It comes with "built-in" vacuum generator and handy membrane stretcher (only for AMPT Pro and AMPTQube).


NCHRP 9-29‰AASHTO T378 / TP79‰AASHTO T342 / TP62

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Order nummers

79-PV70521: AASHTO T342/TP62 Guided axial LVDT mounting hardware 79-PV71210: AMPT 38mm Specimen Platen Kit (top & bottom platens set)

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: 79-PV72500: AST Dynamic Modulus Hardware Kit