Dynamic Penetrometer Motor operated 20-30 kg Drop Weight

Dynamic Penetrometer Motor operated 20-30 kg Drop Weight


The dynamic motorized penetrometer allows exclusively continuous dynamic penetrometric tests to be performed. For the dynamic tests, the penetrometer is equipped with a 30 kg (66 pound) hammer with a 200 mm (7.87 inch) stroke, operated by a hydraulic motor. It is driven by a motor-pump  with petrol engine. A hydraulic extractor is used to extract rods, lining tubes and samplers. The penetrometer is controlled via a pedal-operated distributor. The hydraulic connections on the various components use quick connectors. 

The apparatus satisfy DIN 4094 standards for medium weight test apparatus 30 kg mass x 20 cm drop height. 

  • Continuos dynamic penetrometric test in a portable device 
  • Exceptionally small means it can be used on site that are Inaccessible to normal machines 
  • Penetrometeris controlled via a pedal-operated distributor 
  • Includes Hydraulic extractor is used to extract  rods


  DIN 4094

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 127 cc ; 4hp
  • Fall height: 20 cm
  • Drop weight: 20 or 20 + 10 kg

Order nummers


4HP Motor operated dynamic penetrometer conforming to DIN 4094 with lifting mechanism: 20kg weight; 10 kg supplementary weight; 10 sounding rods; 100 disposable tips of 10cm2; 90° size; Hydraulic extractor 5 ton.


Accessoires & toebehoren




Additional Sounding rod 22 mm dia. for 16-T0013/F 



Additional 10cm2 disposable tips 90 ° angle for T0013/F  ( pack of 50 pieces)



Drive conical point 10cm², 90°, for 16-T0013/F (pack of 2 pieces)