Flakiness Sieves

Flakiness Sieves


Used to determine if aggregate particles are to be considered flaky, i.e. their thickness is less than 0.6 of their nominal size. Each sieve is made from heavy gauge steel.

  • Weight approx.: 2.4 kg per unit, 15 kg complete set

To evaluete the thickness and the elongation index of the aggregates particles, thickness gauge code 47-D0540 and length gauge code 47-D0541 can be used. See link to other products below.


  BS 812:105.1

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

47-D0415: Flakiness sieves test set 47-D0415/1: Flakiness sieve 4.9 x 30 mm slot

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 47-D0415/2: Flakiness sieve 7.2 x 40 mm slot 47-D0415/3: Flakiness sieve 10.2 x 50 mm slot 47-D0415/4: Flakiness sieve 14.4 x 60 mm slot 47-D0415/5: Flakiness sieve 19.7 x 80 mm slot 47-D0415/6: Flakiness sieve 26.3 x 90 mm slot 47-D0415/7: Flakiness sieve 33.9 x 100 mm slot