Hydraulic Consolidation Cell


The Hydrocon hydraulic consolidation cell is the basic part of the apparatus used for the determination of the magnitude and rates of consolidation of soil specimens of relatively low permeability using hydraulically loaded apparatus. This procedure overcomes the complexity usually associated with hydraulic oedometers and allows more information to be gathered from the soil sample. Pore water pressure is measured using a pressure transducer and vertical settlement using a linear strain transducer (or, as economical alternative, a dial gauge). As the Hydrocon is a confined consolidation system, it is possible to measure both pore and back pressure during testing. In addition it is also possible to make accurate permeability measurement generating a vertical flux of water through the sample.

The complete test configuration includes: Hydrocon cell, Water pressure system, Water de-airing system and measuring system (manual or electronic with Geodatalog data acquisition system )

For a complete test configuration (pressure system, pore pressure, displacment transducer, volume change and other accessoreis) see the related products and ask for the cooperation of our specialist.

  • Specific for saturated soil sample according to BS 1377:6 WITHOUT lateral drainage
  • Hydraulic loading
  • No weights required
  • Suitable for 100 mm sample 
  • Suitable for compacted clay
  • Compact design, occupies less space than conventional oedometers
  • Possibility to measure both pore and back pressure during testing 
  • Possibility to make permeability measurement by generating a vertical flow of water throgh the sample 
  • Two testing mode available: manual or with automatic data acquisition


  BS 1377:6

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Manufactured from anodized light alloy, complete with 3 valves and vent, one porous base disk and one top loading porous disk. Three support legs for stability.
  • For 100 mm dia. soil samples.
  • Maximum working pressure: 3500 kPa
  • Overall dimensions (dxh): 260x450 mm
  • Weight approx.: 5 kg

Order nummers

26-WF0345: Hydrocon Consolidometer for 100 mm samples, with 3valves, 1 porous base disc & 3 top loading discs :

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