IMACS2, Third Generation Integrated Multi-Axis Control System (IMACS)


Dependable and user-friendly
Data safety confidence - An innovative double control facility (local via color touch screen display) and remote (via PC) will be available to allow users to set-up tests directly on the controller as well as from a PC ensuring valuable test continuity in event of PC disconnection.
Easy-to-use system - Designed around the user’s needs reducing learning curve and simplifying testing procedures.
Future-ready - Internet remote connection, ready for advanced 4.0 connectivity for any future need.

Superior storage
The multiple data storage options include internal storage for data protection, USB ports and ethernet. Smart remote connectivity and support Using the ethernet, the system can seamlessly connect to your network and be accessed remotely for system diagnostics, training, advanced support and firmware updates.

Maximum flexibility
To further maximize the systems versatility, IMACS2 has been designed with the most comprehensive and advanced array of external interfaces giving you the ability to interface with and control almost any system, including:


  • Gigabit and 100Mb ethernet
  • USB, RS232/485
  • CAN bus
  • GPIO
  • HDMI
  • Servo valve outputs
  • Solenoid outputs
  • Servo motor control
  • Encoders and more!


The 3rd generation IMACS2 Integrated Multi-Axis Control & Data Acquisition System builds on 30 years’ experience as leading manufacturer and trusted partner of advanced dynamic testing systems for asphalts and other pavement materials.

We’ve listened to feedback about your needs and wishes and have adopted the most advanced electronic technologies to develop a superior controller that provides the ultimate in testing machine control and powerful data-acquisition that is flexible yet easy to use.

The platform is extremely powerful and will allow you to regularly add new functions that will be made available to the users ensuring the controller is always up-to-date with the very latest technology and innovations. Right-now, in spite of its cutting-edge performance, we are only using a small portion of its power.
IMACS2 has been designed to be modular and scalable so you can add additional axes of control and data acquisition channels when required.

Main features

  • Ultimate precision — most advanced control & data acquisition with industry leading 24-bit resolution and up to 200kHz sample rate
  • Smart ‘Plug and Play’ transducers — quick, easy and avoids set-up errors
  • Dependable — Touch Screen control protects data in case of PC shut-down
  • Breathe new life into any legacy testing system a genuinely universal multi-purpose controller
  • Closer analysis with powerful advanced data processing
  • No compromise on specification or selection of components
  • Worry-free seamless migration — compatible with UTS and UTS Neutron
  • Designed for the future and expandable in every way



Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • ADC Resolution 24 bit
  • Sampling Rate (ks per sec) 5kHz up to 200kHz
  • Oversampling Up to x64
  • DAC Resolution 16 bit
  • Control Loop Frequency (kHz) 5khz – 25kHz
  • Max. Channels 20
  • Channels Per Axis 4
  • Number of Axis (standard + opt) 2 + 3
  • PC Communications Gigabit Ethernet USB
  • External Communications Interfaces RS485 / RS232
  • CAN / Ethernet
  • Digital Inputs 8
  • Digital Outputs 8
  • Plug and Play Transducers yes
  • Touchscreen LCD Display yes
  • HDMI Output yes
  • USB Host yes
  • Encoder Input yes
  • PWM / Stepper Motor Control yes
  • Solenoid Outputs 10 — 2 per axis
  • SD Card yes
  • Internet remote connection yes


  • Gigabit Ethernet — UTS/UTS Neutron interface
  • 10/100Mb Ethernet — Internet access, Data share (e.g., Remote Diagnostics, Upgrades)
  • RS232/RS485 — Serial extender and controller (e.g., climatic chambers)
  • CAN bus — Generic peripheral extender (e.g., Hydraulic board)

Order nummers


IMACS2 - 3rd Generation Integrated Control & Data Acquisition System, Dual Control Axis and 8 channels. 110-230V/50-60Hz/1ph. 


Accessoires & toebehoren


79-PV70I02/KIT2: IMACS2 connection kit, suitable for existing servo-hydraulic dynamic testing machines 79-PV70I02/UP2:

Expansion for IMACS2 - New Generation Integrated Control & Data Acquisition System - with additional I/O boards. This extension provides 2 additional Control Axis and 8 additional acquisition channels. It shall be factory installed