Link-LAB Laboratory Connectivity Package - Test Video Recording


Our Link-Lab connectivity package allows PILOT PRO, AUTOMAX PRO, PRO-M and AUTOMAX Multitest to be an integrated part of your lab infrastructure to achieve two main objectives:

  • improve testing efficiency by taking inputs from ancillary devices (balances, calipers, barcode readers) to reduce manual data entry and to eliminate transposing errors during Sample Information Acquisition
  • improve testing transparency by connecting a high-resolution smart camera for Test Video Recording to obtain a verifiable audit trail.

The Link-LAB connectivity package is available in two versions:

  • LinK-LAB Local available for systems that operate stand-alone using the controller only without a PC.
  • LinK-LAB Enterprise is available for new and existing systems controlled by PC via Datamanager Software.

Test Video Recording (available for Link-LAB Enterprise only)
Video recording helps to make your tests results 100% reliable and above all, transparent.

  • It proves the test has been performed
  • It provides test results that cannot be altered as the load and strength values are displayed in real-time and watermarked.
  • Recording can be automatically saved along with the test results in the PC software’s archive to be viewed and consulted by 3rd party engineers, clients, head-office and branches alike.

The video recording is available by fitting any CONTROLS machine controlled by PC via Datamanager software with our smart camera.

It is also possible to enable, in the Datamanager PC software, an extra module called SID READER that allows the smart camera, not only to record the test and test results, but also to read and recognize the barcode on the sample.

This is how it works:

  • Before testing begins, the Datamanager software connects to the smart camera to ensure the barcode on the sample matches the sample to be tested.
  • The sample ID, read by the camera, will be displayed during the test and recorded along with the date, time, elapsed time, load and strength values.
  • Testing is automatically carried out up to failure, without any operator's interventions.


  • Prove the test has been performed
  • Provide reliable test results that cannot be altered 
  • Record the test execution to be viewed by 3rd party engineers, clients, head-office and branches alike.


    Technische specificaties

    Technical Specifications

    • Industrial smart camera
    • 5 Mega pixel resolution
    • Colour CMOS sensor 
    • Full HD video 1080p 
    • Autofocus
    • USB connection with integrated power supply


    Order nummers


    LinK-LAB Enterprise laboratory connectivity package for machines controlled by PC via DATAMANAGER Software.


    Accessoires & toebehoren



    High resolution integrate smart camera for video recording of test execution and test results. It requires the compression machine to be PC controlled by Datamanager software SW/DM and to enable Link-Lab Enteprise connectivity package KLAB/E.


    SID READER additional software module allowing the smart camera to read and recognize the barcode on the sample. To be purchased along with smart camera D1950/SM and barcode reader D1950/K