Oxygen Permeameter. Cembureau Method


This method, which is applicable to cast and cored concrete specimens, concerns the determination of the concrete permeability to oxygen conforming to the Hagen-Poiseuille relationship.
The apparatus consists of:

  • Permeability cell for specimens 150 mm dia, 50 mm high
  • Volumetric gas flow meter, soap bubble type
  • High precision pressure regulator
  • Digital readout unit and pressure transducer
  • Stainless steel wall mounting panel and connections

Compressed oxygen cylinder fitted with pressure reducer (with outlet pressure from 5 to 10 bar (max outlet pressure not more than 5 bar) not included


UNI 11164

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Overall dim. and weights: 

  • Panel (lxhxd) 700x1100x120 mm. Weight 14 kg
  • Cell (dia.xh) 345x80 mm. Weight 19 kg

Order nummers

58-E0031: Oxygen permeability apparatus for concrete. Cembureau method. Conforming to UNI standard Oxygen cylinder not included :

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