Pullout Test Apparatus


Used for determining the pullout strength of hardened concrete in test specimens or structures by measuring the force required to pull an embedded metal insert and the attached concrete fragment from a concrete mass.
The pullout test apparatus 58-C0178 is used for pre-embedded inserts in fresh concrete mass. It comprises a hydraulic jack 100 kN cap., a precision measuring Bourdon gauge 150 mm dia., bearing ring and 10 pullout inserts, all contained in a carrying case.
Case dimensions: 740x300x255 mm
Weight approx.: 21 kg
For embedded inserts after the concrete hardening, it is available the kit model 58-C0178/3, that includes a professional electrical drill with suitable power, SDS mandrel, 18mm drill bit for concrete, pack of 10 expanding plugs dia. 18mm x  80mm and manual air pump for dust cleaning. (This apparatus does not match all the requirements of the Standard UNI 10157, EN 12504-3).
Case dimensions: 520x430x390 mm
Weight approx.: 11 kg


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58-C0178: Pull-out test apparatus :

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58-C0178/2: Pull-out inserts 30 mm dia. (pack of 50) 58-C0178/3:

Set of accessories for 58-C0178 pullout apparatus adopting test inserts suitable for installation after concrete hardening.