Reflux Extractors

Reflux Extractors


Used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples. The bitumen content is calculated by difference from the weight of extracted aggregates, moisture content and ash from an aliquot par of the extract.
The apparatus consists of a two wire mesh cones with interlocking frames, a cylindrical glass jar and a water condenser with inlet/outlet tubes. Two models available: 1 and 4 liters capacity. The extractors have to be used with a suitable hot plate with aluminium disk for better heat distribution. The filter paper  is not included and have to be ordered separately. See accessories.
The solvent used can be profitably recovered with the solvent recovery unit.


  ASTM D2172

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity:                                  
    75-B0013/A, 1000 g
    75-B0014/A, 4000 g
  • Overall dimensions (hxdia.):  
    75-B0013/A, 465x150 mm
    75-B0014/A, 510x265 mm
  • Weight approx.:                      
    75-B0013/A, 3 kg
    75-B0014/A, 9 kg

Order nummers

75-B0013/A: Reflux bitumen extractor 1000 g 75-B0014/A: Reflux bitumen extractor 4000 gr

Accessoires & toebehoren


75-B0015/6: Aluminium disc 160 mm dia 75-B0013/4: Filter paper 330 mm dia. (pack of 50) 75-B0014/1: Spare glass jar 75-B0014/2: Spare wire mesh cone 75-B0014/3: Spare condenser: 10-D1402/D:

Hot plate, 185 mm dia. with thermostat. 1500 W. 230V/50-60Hz/1ph