Relative Density of Cohesionless Soil Test Sets

Relative Density of Cohesionless Soil Test Sets


This method, in the EN standard, covers the determination of the maximum dry density and water  content of cohesionless materials when compacted using a vibrating table. Materials for which yhis method is applicable may contain up to 12% by mass fines (<0.063 mm). The maximum particle size of the materials to be tested is 80 mm. This method applies to mixtures to be used in road construction. The ASTM, also specify that it is used for the determination of the relative density of cohesionless soil for which impact compaction will not produce a well defined moisture-density relationship curve and where the maximum density of impact method will generally be less than by vibratory method.

The two versions: 33-T0063/A Conforming to EN and 33-T0063 Conforming to ASTM are practical identical except for the 0.1 cu.ft mould 


  EN 13286-5‰ASTM D4253‰ASTM D4254

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

The 33-T0063/A and 33-T0063 test sets includes:

  • 33-T0063/1 Vibrating table (33-T0063/1Y for 220 V, 60 Hz or 33-T0063/Z for 110 V, 60 Hz) having the following specifications:

    -Vibration frequency: 3600 r.p.m.
    -Amplitude range: 0.05 to 0.64 mm
    -Vibrator type: electromagnetic
    -Separate amplitude control panel
    -Table dimensions: 762x762 mm
    -Table capacity: 250 kg
  • 33-T0063/3  14200 cm3 (0.5 cu.ft.) mould set
  • 33-T0063/4 Relative density gauge set

The 33-T0063 ASTM version also include:

  • 33-T0063/2  0.1 cu. Ft. relative density mould set (cylinder with lead, cylinder in cast aluminum, disc with handle and upper cylinder)

-Weights approx.: 33-T0063/A 289 kg, 33-T0063 310 kg

Each part can be ordered individually

Order nummers

33-T0063: Relative density of cohesionless soil test set. ASTM Std. D4253 and D4254, supplied without set of two pouring device (to be ordered separately) 230V/50Hz/1ph. 33-T0063/A: Relative density of cohesionless soil test set. EN Std. 13286-5, supplied without 25 mm. pouring device (to be ordered separately). 230V/50Hz/1ph.

Accessoires & toebehoren


33-T0063/7: Pouring device set including 25 mm and 12,5 mm opening funnels 33-T0063/Y: Relative density of cohesionless soil test set. ASTM Std. D4253 and D4254 220V, 60Hz, 1ph. 33-T0063/Z:

ASTM Relative density test set. 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph