Sand Replacement Test Sets, BS


The verification of the degree of compaction can be determinate on site by a simple procedure consisting essentially in removing and weighing a part of compacted soil and replacing in the hole with sand by a simple apparatus recording the volume of sand and then calculating the density of the removed soil.
We propose three models to be selected conforming to the size of grained soils.
The sand pouring cylinders and calibration cans are made of cast aluminium and precisely machined. The tray is made of plated sheet steel.


  BS 1377:9‰BS 1924:2

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Sand replacement set parts


Part description35-T0125
100 mm dia.
150 mm dia.
200 mm dia.
Sand pouring cylinder35-T0125/135-T0125/A135-T0126/1
Calibration can35-T0125/235-T0125/A235-T0126/2
Density tray35-T0125/335-T0125/A335-T0126/3
Weight approx. of complete set7.7 kg13 kg27.5 kg

Each part can be purchased individually


Order nummers

35-T0125: 100 mm sand replacement set 35-T0125/A: 150 mm sand replacement set

Accessoires & toebehoren


35-T0140: Metal dibber 35-T0141: Scraper 35-T0142: Steel pointed rod 35-T0143: Density spoon 35-T0144: Rubber mallet 50 mm dia35-T0126: 200 mm sand replacement set 35-T0145: Hammer 300 g 35-T0145/G: Club hammer 35-T0146: Density pick 35-T0147: Chisel 300 mm long 86-D1348: Lever lid tin 5 l cap.