Semi-Automatic Uniaxial and Triaxial Test System


The Semi-Automatic configuration for determining the elastic modulus and strength characteristics of rock specimens is based on automatic WIDZARD AUTO compression machine for axial loading and manually-operated pump for confining pressure. It performs either uniaxial or triaxial tests under load/stress control (no strain).
The 2 systems are operated independently and the failure envelope is obtained by a series of individual tests (single - stage) with manual adjustment of the axial load and manual application of the confining pressure at different levels.

Note: For a typical configuration of an Semi-Automatic triaxial test system see Buyer's Guides.

  1. axial and confining stresses are independently increased isotropically up to a defined level: axial load is controlled by a special pressure-compensated proportional valve; confining pressure is controlled by the manual pump with pressure maintainer;
  2. cell pressure is maintained constant and axial stress is constantly increased by the pressure-compensated proportional valve up to specimen failure (single-stage);
  3. the procedure above is repeated N times using new specimens at various confining pressure levels. Combining these results it is possible to plot the failure envelope with N points using the dedicated MS Excel spreadsheet.
  4. strain values are acquired by Datalog 8 datalloger.
  • Suitable for determining elastic modulus and strength characteristics of rock specimens under uniaxial and triaxial conditions
  • Composed by 2 indipendent systems: high stiffness compression machine and low friction manual pressure maintainer
  • Max working lateral pressure: 40 MPa
  • Advanced external data acquisition system with new touch screen Datalog 8


EN 14580‰EN 1926‰ASTM D2664‰ASTM D3148‰ASTM D5407‰ASTM D2938‰ASTM D7012

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Lateral pressure system
The 32-D0558 Low friction manual pressure maintainer is used for maintaining constant the desired lateral pressure in the Hoek triaxial cells. The unit comprises a hand pump connected to a special oil reservoir, a precision pressure gauge, a pressure maintainer and a flexible hose 3 m long with a 90° quick release coupling.
  • Max working pressure: 40 MPa
  • Weight approx.: 15 kg

Order nummers

32-D0558: Low friction pressure maintainer for lateral pres-sure in the Hoek triaxial cells 50-C56W02:

WIZARD AUTO COMPACT-Line automatic compression machine, 3000 kN cap. for cylinders up to 160 x 320 mm and cubes up to 200mm. Conforming to EN 12390-4. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 Ph

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