Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine UTM, 30 kN cap.


Universal Testing Machines (UTMs), Servo-hydraulic, equipped with high performances environmental chambers and extensive suite of accessories offer the greatest flexibility to perform all advanced pavement materials tests, ideal for Research purposes, featuring higher loads from 30 to 250 kN, lower temperatures -25°C, -50°C. Compatible and in compliant with larger range of accessories and Standards.

The heart of all these products is the IMACS2, 3rd Generation Multi-Axis Digital Controller and Data Acquisition System which delivers leading edge performance, unparalled real time computer computer control an flexible data acquisition, together with the powerful and professional UTS Neutron suite draws upon over 30 years of advanced materials testing experience. Used and relied upin by hundreds of researchers, you can buy with confidence knowing your test results having immediate credibility.

IPC Global's Hydraulic Power Supply (HPS), part of the machine, has been designed with integrated VFD (variable speed) technology assuring energy saving and noise reduction. HPS features return line filtration, remote starting and control via virtual pendant, air cooling and indication for low oil, over temperature and dirty filter. The system provides electronically adjustable oil pressure allowing greater control and safety. Oil accumulators further improve control accuracy while the high performance filters ensure long life system protection and reduced maintenance costs.

The UTM-30 is available in two versions: Standard, with tie-rod actuator and High Performance, fitted with Servo-Hydraulic Labirynth bearing actuator.

The UTM-30 Servo-pneumatic testing systems can be used as part of your Superpave performance based testing program.

  • Rigid two column load frame
  • Precision engineered for high stiffness and alignment
  • Standard tie-rod sealed actuator
  • Available with double acting, through-rod high precision labyrinth bearing actuator providing superior performance
  • High performance servo valve allows sinusoidal loading frequencies up to 100 Hz
  • Motorized crosshead positioning
  • Hydraulic crosshead clamping
  • Fully customizable to suit a large range of testing applications
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the test space without the need for extension rods
  • Modular design for easy support and upgrade
  • Provides improved alignment regarding concentricity and axiality
  • Supplied complete with high quality pre-filtered oil for longer life

Advantages of the Labyrinth bearing actuator:

  • Excellent through zero waveform fidelity, i.e. for tests such as uniaxial fatigue SVECD
  • Lower oil flow and therefore lower power consumption compared to sealless cylinders
  • Wave shape fidelity guaranteed even at highest frequencies
  • Longer life compared to standard tie-rod cylinders
  • Improved side load resistance for tests such as Two-Point Bend


Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity:+/- 30 kN Dynamic
+/- 30 kN Static
+/- 25 kN Dynamic
+/- 30 kN Static
Frequency:Up to 100 Hz
Load cell:Low profile,
Pancake type
Actuator type
(double acting)
Labyrinth Bearing seal less    Tie-rod sealed
Stroke50 mm (+/- 25 mm)
Inbuilt displacement transducer50 mm
Adjustable crossheadMotorized
Crosshead clampingHydraulic
Maximum vertical daylight795 mm
Space between columns450 mm
Max. working pressure210 bar
Low pressure adjustable50 to 210 bar
Max flow rate5 L/min
Mains power2.2 kW
Cooling system Air cooling
Oil tank cap. -Complete with
pre-filtered oil 
45 L
Frame (hxwxd) mm1900x680x600
Hydraulic power pack (hxwxd) mm1000x470x765
Approximate total weight 195 kg


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IPC Global UTM-30 30kN Standard Actuator Servo-hydraulic dynamic testing system, complete with IMACS2 Controller. 208-230V/50-60Hz/1ph


IPC Global UTM-30 30kN Labyrinth Actuator Servo-hydraulic dynamic testing system, complete with IMACS2 Controller. 208-230V/50-60Hz/1ph

Accessoires & toebehoren



Environmental chamber for UTM-30 servo-hydraulic machine, -25°C to +70°C, 110-230V/50-60Hz/1Ph


High performance environmental chamber for UTM-30 servo-hydraulic machine, -50°C to +80°C. 400V/50Hz/3ph, 208-240V/60Hz/3ph

79-PV70116: Temperature measuring kit (-50 +100°C), including two probes