Shear Boxes


These shear box assemblies are designed to be used with our 27-WF20D60 Digishear, 27-WF21A60 Autoshear and 27-WF21E80 Shearmatic shear testing machines.
Manufactured from brass and designed to contain the water that surrounds the specimen.

They consist of a square box with a rigid walled round or square hole complete with:
- adapter loading pad
- retaining plate
- 2 plastic grids
- 2 perforated plastic grids
- 2 bronze sintered porous plates.

Sample cutter and extrution dolly for sample preparation should be oreded separately (see accessories)


  ASTM D3080‰AASHTO T236‰BS 1377:7‰EN 17892-10

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Box Material: Brass  
  • Grids and perforate grid material: Plastic 
  • Porous plate material: Sintered bronze 
  • Nominal samle dimension: 60 (square); 100 (square); 50 (round); 60 (round); 63.5 (round); 100 (round)
  • Sample height: 20 mm 
  • Weight approx.: from 2.5 to 4 kg

Order nummers

27-WF0215/B: Shear box for square specimen 60x60mm 27-WF0216/B: Shear box for square specimen 100x100mm

Accessoires & toebehoren


27-WF0215/B2: Loading pad for 60mm square samples

27-WF0215/B3: Retaining plate for 60mm square samples

27-WF0215/B5: Plane grid for 60mm square samples.

27-WF0215/B6: Perforated gridfor 60mm square samples.

27-WF0215/4: Porous plate for 60mm square samples

27-WF0219/B: Shear box for 63.5mm dia samples

27-WF0222/B: Shear box assembly for 100mm diameter sample

27-WF0217/B: Shear box for 50mm dia samples

27-WF0218/B: Shear box for 60mm dia samples

27-WF0216/B5: Plane grid for 100mm square samples.

27-WF0216/B6: Perforated grid for 100mm square sample.

27-WF0216/4: Porous plate for 100mm sqauare samples

27-WF0217/4: Porous plate for 50mm dia samples

27-WF0218/4: Porous plate for 60mm dia round samples

27-WF0219/4: Porous plate for 63.5mm dia samples

27-WF0222/4: Porous plate for 100mm

27-WF0215/B7: Sample cutter for 60mm square samples

27-WF0216/B7: Sample cutter for 100mm square samples

27-WF0217/B7: Sample cutter for 50mm dia samples

27-WF0218/B7: Sample cutter for 60mm dia samples

27-WF0219/B7: Sample cutter for 63.5mm dia samples

27-WF0222/B7: Sample cutter for 100mm

27-WF0215/8: Extrusion dolly for 60mm square samples

27-WF0216/8: Extrusion dolly for 100mm square samples

27-WF0217/8: Extrusion dolly for 50mm dia samples

27-WF0218/8: Extrusion dolly for 60mm dia samples

27-WF0219/8: Extrusion dolly for 63.5mm dia samples

27-WF0222/8: Extrusion dolly for 100mm