Slotted Distance Pieces

Slotted Distance Pieces


Made of steel. Used to reduce the vertical daylight of the compression machines model 50-A29xxx and 50-A39xxx depending on the size of the specimen and considering that, in general, the maximum piston travel is 50 mm. 
Slotted distance pieces are inserted between the upper crossbar and the spherical seat. To lower the spherical seat you have to use the axial screw assembly.


Technische specificaties

Order nummers

50-L1000/100B: Slotted distance piece dia. 7.7"x4" height (dia. 195x100 mm height) 50-L1000/40B: Slotted distance piece dia. 7.7"x1.6" height (dia.195x40 mm height)

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: 50-L1000/50B: Slotted distance piece dia. 7.7"x2" height (dia. 195x50 mm height) 50-L1000/68B: Slotted distance piece dia. 7.7"x2.7" height (dia.195x68 mm height)