SPEEDLOADER Digital Automatic Universal Tester for Displacement Controlled Tests


The brand-new SPEEDLOADER tester is the perfect answer for a road testing lab. The CBR and Marshall tests, Indirect Tensile tests, Quick Triaxial tests, Unconfined and Uniaxial soil tests, and all tests that can be performed under displacement control are all possible with the 50 kN capacity and the fully variable test speed of 0.2 to 51 mm/min. To meet the needs of either the field or the central laboratory, the machine can be fitted with analogical or digital load/displacement measurement systems as well as dedicated accessories.

The rigid two-column structure of the SPEEDLOADER tester includes an upper cross beam that can be adjusted in height. The load jack, DC motor, and controls are integrated into a base cabinet with a unique design. The machine's processor, with a memory up to 300 tests, gathers and processes test data.

The user can control the test speed with the new Automatic Variable Speed 50 kN Load Frame, which is easily adjustable and displayed on the digital display. Furthermore, the test stroke can be predefined at the start of the test with an automatic stop, preventing overloading of the device and the test subject and ensuring operator safety. This significant element also allows the operator to calibrate the machine's speed using micrometric adjustments. The lower platen's motion direction is also showcased on the display. Two operating leds—one for machine switched on and the other for travel direction—and an emergency button also are installed on the front panel.


The firmware provide the digital speed control and a number of important test functions as follows:

  • Closed loop speed control
  • CBR and MARSHALL test speed can be selected by default.
  • Other testing speeds (Custom) between 0.2 and 51 mm/min, can be easily set.
  • Selection of maximum platen displacement. 
  • The automatic stop of the machine avoids machine and specimen overloading, thus assuring operator safety.
  • Rapid approach function, to reduce the testing time.
  • Rapid platen return to speed up the platen base return at the end of the test.
  • Speed calibration function by firmware. The test speed is originally factory calibrated using a polynomial interpolation. A test point is provided to verify  the speed with a standard tachometer.
  • Emergency stop button as required  by the CE prescriptions.


  ASTM D1559‰ASTM D5581‰AASHTO T245‰EN 12697-12‰EN 12697-23‰EN 12697-34‰AASHTO T193‰NF P98-251-1/4‰ASTM D6927‰ASTM D1883‰BS 1377:4‰BS 598:107‰EN 13286-47‰UNI 10009‰NF P94-078‰DIN 1996‰CNR 30‰CNR 34

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Max. capacity:  50 kN
  • Test speed range, infinitely variable: 0.2 to 51 mm/min
  • Display: LCD 128x80 pixels display
  • Channels: N°1 for the Crosshead, N°1 Load Channels, N°1 Displacement Channels
  • Data download: RS232 port
  • Power: DC motor 750 W
  • Horizontal clearance (distance between columns): 270 mm
  • Max. vertical daylight (without accessories): 730 mm
  • Platen travel: 100 mm
  • Overall dimensions (lxwxh): 392 x 495 x 1213
  • Net weight approx.: 65 kg 
  • Alphanumeric display 2x16 characters

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SPEEDLOADER compression testing machine with digital control panel, motorized ram, two-column structure and adjustable crossbeam. 220-240V/50-60Hz/1Ph


SPEEDLOADER compression testing machine with digital control panel, motorized ram, two-column structure and adjustable crossbeam. 110V/60Hz/1Ph

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