Splitting Tensile Test Devices


Two column steel frame with self-centering base specimen holder and upper load beam suspended with springs for easy adjustment of the specimen. The devices can be easily placed on lower platen of the compression tester using suitable distance pieces to adjust the vertical daylight. The device have to be completed with the packing strips to be inserted between the specimen and the load beams.

Model 50-C9000/C is used for splitting tensile tests on cylindrical specimens.
Model 50-C9070/C is used for splitting tensile tests on concrete block pavers and concrete cubes.

For both models max total height is 370 mm (14.6"). The 370 mm (14.6") vertical daylight can easily obtained removing the lower platen of the compression tester.

  • Max vertical daylight: 225 mm (8.8"). Total height: 370 mm (14.6")
  • Min vertical daylight: 90 mm (3.5"). Total height: 250 mm (9.8")
  • Max horizontal daylight: 160 mm (6.3")
  • Total width: 250 mm (9.8")
  • Max travel: 45 mm (1.8")
  • Bearers length : 350 mm (13.8")


  EN 12390-6‰EN 1338‰ASTM C496

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

SpecimensCylinders up to dia.
160x320 mm
Cylinders up to dia.
250x500 mm
Paving blocks up to
160 mm width
Paving blocks up to
320 mm width
Max. height*370 mm395 mm370 mm370 mm
Overall dimensions, width/length, mm 250/335346/525250/335420/355
Max vertical daylight, mm225257225225
Max columns regulation, mm110N.A110110
Min vertical daylight, mm115N.A65**65**
Max horizonthal daylight, mm170255170330
Bearers length, mm330525330330
Weight approx. kg32653350
Packing strips50-C9002 to EN
50-C9002/A to ASTM

* Remove the bottom compression platen to host the jig or adjust remaining vertical daylight with suitable distance pieces.
** With 50mm distance piece included.




Order nummers


Splitting test device for cylindrical specimens 250x500 mm (dia. x h) to EN 12390-6. Cross section dimension 350x435 height, 65 Kg weight


Splitting tensile test device to En 12390-6 and ASTM C496 for Cylindrical specimens 100x200 mm (4" x 8"), 150x300 mm (6" x 12") and 160x320 mm (dia. x h).

Accessoires & toebehoren



Packing strips 4 x 15 x 345 mm to EN 1338 and EN 12390-6. Pack of 50

50-C9002/A: Plywood packing strips 3 x 25 x 345 mm to ASTM C496. Pack of 50 50-C9001/A:

Hardboard packing strips 4x15x550 mm, for 50-C9000/A device. Pack of 50

: 50-C9070/C:

Splitting tensile test device for concrete block pavers to EN 1338 and concrete cubes to EN 12390-6 . Vertical clearance: from 65 mm to 225 mm. Horizontal clearance: 170 mm. Dimensions: max height 370 mm, width 250 mm, depth335 mm Weight: 33 Kg


EN 1338 splitting tensile test device for concrete block pavers with maximum dimensions 320x320x150mm