Standard Ring and Ball Apparatus


Used for determining the softening point of bituminous materials. Comprising:
  • 81-PV0145/1 Brass rings (2 pieces included in set)
  • 81-PV0145/2 Steel balls 9.5 mm dia. (2 pieces included in set)
  • 81-PV0145/3 Ball centering guide (2 pieces included in set)
  • 81-PV0143/1 Glass vessel
  • 81-PV0145/5 Pouring plate
  • 81-PV0145/6 Ring holder/assembly
  • 82-D1200/1MF Glass thermometer, -2 +80°C, 0.2°C graduation, ASTM 15C, mercury-free

All the above items can be purchased individually.
Total weight: 1 kg approx.
The test has to be performed using the specific liquids and the suitable hot plate listed within the accessories. We propose three hot plate solutions:

  • 10-D1402/D Standard hot plate, 185 mm dia., 1500 W. More economical solution thus conforming to ASTM standards.
  • 81-B0145/C1 Hot plate with centering/protection device for 81-B0145 Ring and Ball apparatus. More professional solution.
  • 10-B0145/E Hot plate with magnetic stirrer, conforming either to ASTM or to EN 1427 Standards which require the water stirring for more temperature uniformity.

We also propose a fully automatic model. See \#automatic-ring-and-ball-apparatus\#. 



Technische specificaties

Order nummers

81-B0145/A: Ring and ball apparatus to EN 1427 and ASTM D36 :

Accessoires & toebehoren


81-B0145/C1: Hot plate only with cartering/protection device for 81-B145/C 230V/50-60Hz/1Ph. 81-B0145/C1Z: Hot plate only with cartering/protection device for 81-B145/C 110V/60Hz/1Ph. 81-PV0143/1:

600 ml beaker for 81-B0143, PV0144 and B0145/A

81-PV0145/1: Brass ring (one piece) 81-PV0145/2: Steel ball: 81-PV0145/3: Ball centering guide (single piece) 10-D1402/D:

Hot plate, 185 mm dia. with thermostat. 1500 W. 230V/50-60Hz/1ph

82-D1200/1MF: Thermometer IP 60C ASTM 15C, range -2 to +80°C, mercury free with alternative liquid 82-D1200/2MF: Thermometer IP 61C ASTM 16C, range +30 to +200°C, mercury free with alternative liquid 10-B0145/E:

Hot plate maximum temperature 280°C and magnetic stirrer, 100 to 1500 rpm. capacity 3 liters.     
200-240V. 50-60 Hz, 1 ph