Standard Triaxial Cells

  • Maximum working pressure of 1700 kPa
  • Light alloy construction, stainless steel ram and O-ring seal
  • Suitable for submersible and/or external load cell
  • Four on/off no-volume changes valves fitted as standard
  • For sample sizes between 35 and 100 mm dia.
  • Suitable for total and effective stress tests
  • Rapid assembly design
  • Cells are designed to accommodate a specimen with a height twice its diameter
  • Pedestal, top caps, porous disc, rubber membranes and sealing rings are not included. See accessories.


  BS 1377:6‰BS 1377:7‰ASTM D2850‰ASTM D4767‰BS 1377:8‰ASTM D7181‰EN 17892-8‰EN 17892-9

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Cell model28-WF0410/B28-WF0411/B28-WF0416/B
Max. specimen size
Dia. x height
Max. working pressure1700 kPa1700 kPa1700 kPa
Max. load on the piston45 kN45 kN45 kN
Max height380 mm440 mm515 mm
Diameter140 mm174 mm200 mm
Weight approx.:4 kg7.3 kg14.3 kg


Order nummers


Standard triaxial cell for sample sizes 35 to 50 mm sample diameter.


Standard triaxial cell for sample sizes 35 to 70 mm sample diameter.

Accessoires & toebehoren


28-WF0410/B5: Piston locking device to hold the triaxial cell ram on triaxial cell modell 28-WF041X/B 28-WF4005/39: Adaptor to fix standard triaxial cell on TRITECH50or TRITECH100 triaxial frame 28-WF0416/B:

Standard triaxial cell for sample sizes 35 to 100 mm diameter.