Standard Triaxial System with Analogue Measurement

Standard Triaxial System with Analogue Measurement


Standard triaxial System with analogue measurement is the ideal basic solution for performing standard triaxial tests such as effective and total stress laboratories that don’t require digital measurement.  All the data acquisition and test management are made in manual mode
Power supply is only required for air compressor and for triaxial load frame during failure stage. 

A typical Standard triaxial system with analogue measurements includes:

Load frame:  
- TRIAX specifically designed for triaxial applications is ideal for commercial laboratories that need a versatile machine capable of performing a wide range of tests. (Max sample sizes: 70 mm)
- TRITECH 50 kN or 100 kN: TRITECH original high-performance load frames for triaxial tests, ideal solution for advanced and research laboratories that perform high quality tests at high productivity levels.

Triaxial cell with accessories: standard triaxial cell with dedicated accessories for performing and preparing samples from 35 mm to 100 mm diameter.

Analogue measuring system: in a standard triaxial system

Pressure system: Air/water interface with air compressor and air filter, generally used for effective stress (two pressure lines are required for cell and back pressure)
Oil/water interface is also available, suggested when only total stress test (UU) is required.

Template for data processing and reporting: generally used in system with automatic data acquisition, but thanks to the high flexibility they can be used with manual input of data also in standard triaxial systems with analogue measurement.  

  • Fully analogue data measurement using dial gauge, load ring, double burette and pore pressure transducer;
  • Pore pressure measuring with dedicated readout unit, ensuring a negligible change in volume of the circuit of the pore pressure, as required by the Standards;
  • Pressure system using air/water interface and triaxial panel with air pressure regulators;
  • Easily extended with dedicated accessories to perform additional tests such as permeability, unconfined, CBR, etc.;
  • Easily upgradable to digital measurement system.


  BS 1377:6‰BS 1377:7‰ASTM D2850‰ASTM D4767‰ASTM D5084‰BS 1377:8‰ASTM D7181‰EN 17892-8‰EN 17892-9‰EN 17892-8

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 50 kN and 100 kN  
Speed range:
- 0.00001 – 99.99999 mm/min (TRITECH)
- 0.00001 – 50.8 mm/min (TRIAX)
Working pressures:
Specimen range: 35,38,50,70,100 mm diameter with STANDARD TRIAXIAL CELL
Sampling rate: manual with stopwatch

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