Tag Open Cup Flash Point Tester

Tag Open Cup Flash Point Tester


Used for determining the flash point of volatile flammable materials. Conforming to CE requirements. Consisting of:

  • Electric furnace with electronic controller of heating power
  • Flame rotating ignition device (LPG supply is required)
  • Glass cup
  • Insulating plate
  • Support and clamp for thermometer
  • Gauge
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Double line fuse

Thermometers not included. See accessories.

  • Power: 600W
  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 250x170x400 mm
  • Weight approx.: 4 kg



  ASTM D3143‰ASTM D1310

Technische specificaties

Order nummers

81-B0138/A: TAG open cup flash point tester CE model. 230V/50-60Hz/1Ph :

Accessoires & toebehoren


82-B0135/1MF: Pensky-Martens/TAG thermometer IP 15C ASTM 9C, range -5 to +110° C, mercury free with alternativeliquid 82-B0138/A3MF: Thermometer IP 59C ASTM 35C, range +90 to +170°C, mercury free with alternative liquid