Especially designed to measure the undrained shear strength (CU) of cohesive soils, consists of a cylindrical body with a torsional spring and three interchangeable vanes of different sizes used depending upon the expected strength of the soil. 

Can be used either in the field or in the laboratory, at the end of sample tubes, etc.. Contained in a plastic case.



Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Standard 25 mm dia., range 0-10 N/cm2
  • Sensitive vane adaptor, range 0-2 N/cm2
  • High capacity vane adaptor, range 0-25 N/cm2

Order nummers

16-T0175/A: Pocket shear vane device :

Accessoires & toebehoren


16-T0175/1: High capacity vane adapter 0-2 N/cm2 (small version) 16-T0175/2: Sensitive vane adaptor 0-25 N/cm2 (big version) 16-T0175/3: Standard vane 0-10 N/cm2