Triaxial Load Frame TRITECH


WYKEHAM FARRANCE’s electro-mechanical TRITECH machines are the original high-performance load frames for triaxial tests. Introduced by the company over 50 years ago, they have undergone continuous development and are the ideal solution for advanced and research laboratories that want to perform high quality tests at high levels of productivity.
Based on heavy duty triaxial load frames, with advanced electronics and high quality components, these frames are the top of the range currently available for triaxial testing on soil.  They can be used either as part of a computer-controlled automatic testing system or as high-performance stand-alone units under manual (or PC remote) control.

The load frames are built around a robust twin chromed-column structure, ensuring extremely high rigidity. The loading platen is made from stainless steel.
When the frame is used in PC control mode, all the main functions (speed fast/slow, direction up/down, stop) are managed by the PC software.  In manual stand-alone mode, the user-friendly keyboard on the front panel is used to control all the frame’s functions, including a rapid approach facility that reduces test set-up time. For efficient use the last settings are automatically recalled after switch on and micro switches prevent over-travel problems.  The panel and display are protected from water and dust by a waterproof membrane.

These frames are versatile, compact and easy to use and allow a variety of test procedures to be performed on samples with diameters from 38 up to 150 mm.  They’ve been specifically designed for soil testing labs conducting UU (unconsolidated unconfined), CU (consolidated Undrained), CD (consolidated drained) and stress path triaxial tests but they can also be used, due to their variable speed range, to perform unconfined, CBR and Marshall tests. 

It requires extenal data acquisition system see our GEODATALOG's 

Two capacities are available: 28-WF4005 - 50 kN and 28-WF4010 - 100 kN.

A complete range of parts and accessories is available to configure these machines for any typical triaxial soil testing application.


  • Ideal solution for advanced and research laboratories that require high productivity levels and high quality tests
  • Designed for soil testing laboratories conducting UU, CU, CD and stress path (compression/extension) tests
  • Due to the variable speed range, unconfined, CBR and Marshall tests can also be performed
  • Suitable for automatic PC-controlled triaxial testing (see AUTOTRIAX EmS system)
  • Maximum compression capacity: 50 kN or 100 kN
  • Speed range from 0.00001 to 99.99999 mm/min
  • Maximum sample diameter (for triaxial testing): 150 mm
  • The quality of the design avoids vibrations that may affect the specimen
  • Large high-contrast 4 x 20-character display with 6-key membrane keyboard



  BS 1377:7‰ASTM D2850‰ASTM D4767‰BS 1377:8‰UNE 103-104‰NF P94 070‰NF P94 074

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

Maximum sample diameter, mm150150
Minimum testing speed, mm/min0.000010.00001
Maximum testing speed, mm/min99.9999999.99999
Maximum compression force, kN50100
Maximum tensile force, kN55
Minimum vertical clearance, mm335390
Maximum vertical clearance, mm11001140
Horizontal clearance, mm364498
Platen diameter, mm158158
Platen travel, mm100100
Dimensions, mm (h x w x d) (approx.)1460 x 503 x 3801813 x 586 x 515
Power, W600680
Weight, kg (approx.)98120


Order nummers


TRITECH50 Triaxial load frame 50kN cap. 230-110V/50-60Hz/1ph. 


TRITECH100 Triaxial Load Frame 100kN cap. 230-110V/50-60Hz/1ph. 

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