Unbonded Capping Pads


This method is used as alternative to the sulphur hot capping of concrete cylinder specimens. The system consist of two alloy steel cap retainers and two 12.5 mm thick neoprene pads which are in contact with the upper and lower concrete surfaces. The pads even out irregularities, distributing the test load uniformly to ensure reliable strength results. Pads are reusable for many tests.

Important note
The total thickness of capping retainers and neoprene pads for dia. 150 mm (6”) specimens is 50-55 mm which has to be added to 300 or 6” specimen height summing to 355 mm approx. Verify the vertical clearance of your compression tester before testing and, in case of difficulty, get in touch with our service dept. to find a solution.



Technische specificaties

Order nummers

50-C0122/A44: Neoprene pads for 4" dia cylinders 70 Shore A. Set of two. 50-C0122: Capping retainers for 6" dia cylinders. Set of two

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 50-C0122/A4: Capping retainers for 4" dia cylinders. Set of two 50-C0122/B: Capping retainers for 160 mm dia cylinders. Set of two. 50-C0122/2: Neoprene pads for 6" dia cylinders 60 Shore A Set of two. 50-C0122/3: Neoprene pads for 6" dia cylinders 70 Shore A Set of two. 50-C0122/4: Neoprene pads for 160 mm dia cylinders 60 shore A.Set of two.