Uniaxial Fatigue (S-VECD) Test for UTM, AsphaltQube, AMPT Pro and AMPTQube


To perform Uniaxial Fatigue test.

  • Increases the functionality of UTM Systems, AMPT Pro, AMPTQube and AsphaltQube
  • Easy to implement on existing equipment
  • Provided with specialized UTS tension test software
  • Optional glue jig assured accurate alignment of top and bottom platens
  • Undexial fatigue tests on asphalt cylinders
  • Test and Dr. Richard Kim's Simplified Viscoelastic Continuum Damage (S-VECD) test
  • Small Diameter kit also available, allows researchers to perform S-VECD tests on 75 & 50 mm diameter
  • Temsion Platen fixing jig assured accurate perpendicularity of specimens and parallel placement of platens (only for AMPT Pro and AMPTQube)


  EN 12697-26 Annex D‰EN 12697-26 Annex E‰AASHTO TP107

Technische specificaties

Technical Specifications

  • Specimen plate: 4.5 kg
  • Minimum required platens: 2
  • Specimen size (dia xh): 100 x 150 mm
  • Small diameter kit available for specimens with dia. 75 and 50 mm

Order nummers

79-PV70600: UTM Tension Kit 79-PV70610: Uniaxial Fatigue Tension platen (one piece) for 100mm diameter specimens

Accessoires & toebehoren


: 79-PV70611: Tension Platen Gluing Jig Single Specimen 79-PV70619: AMPT SVECD - Set of two spacers (Top & Bottom) fortesting 38, 50, 75mm diameter x 110mm specimens